About the Hotel

The Hotel Mestre de Avis – Master of Avis, is one of the best situated hotels of Guimarães. It is in the city center an in the historical part with its Toural, which is the main square as well as the most idylllic spot of the city and by car only five minutes away from the motorway. The hotel, located in a historical building, was founded in 1998. It has a total of 16 rooms on 3 floors, offering its guests a pleasant stay to a very accessible price.

By car or even on foot you can visit the best and most fascinating historical and cultural sites and benefit from the great leisure amenities of the city of Guimarães.

Due to its location close to the major sights, you can enjoy the city both in the daytime and at night.

About Master of Avis

Especially well known in Guimarães thanks for making the Nossa Senhora da Oliveira for victory at the Battle of Aljubarrota, D. João I started to run in 1385 and ended in 1433.
In recognition by the miraculous intervention of Our Lady in Battle, D. João I made the barefoot route between the entrance to town (Standard of St. Lázaro) and the Church of Oliveira, which offer the "pelota" he served as an armor, an altar in gold and enamelled silver and a gold cord on the size of a mile.
Bastard son of King D. Pedro and a lady from Galicia, D. Teresa Lourenço, D.João I, received with only 6 years, the masters of Avis. Being responsible for one of the most important religious orders of the country, D. João I was a man of prestige and power. In 1383 died D. Fernando and snap the crisis that lasted until 1385. D. Leonor Teles, wife of D. Fernando, took over the Regency of the kingdom, as was stipulated in the will of the deceased monarch. The Count Andeiro, intimate adviser and the queen (which condemned the people), it fell to play an important role in the Court. This unhappy situation quite a large group of nobles, which also included D. João I.
It is then planned to kill the Andeiro that D. João performed with the help of other nobles. To highlight the important role that had the bourgeois Alvaro Pais, across this conspiring. The Queen Leonor asked for help to his son-in-law D. John of Castile and this invaded Portugal, aiming to assert the rights of his wife D. Beatriz, the throne of Portugal. The master of Avis was then elected Regedor and Defender of the kingdom. The war crack and around the country waged battles to be tough, and that of Aljubarrota (August 14 of 1385), where the Portuguese achieved a resounding victory, one that definitely has the pretensions of Castela. There were the cuts in Coimbra in 1385, and D.João I Master of Avis was crowned king of Portugal. With their children and with nearly 60 years, D. João I left for North Africa and captured Ceuta in 1415, where the infants were armed horsemen. This expedition to Ceuta marked the beginning of the Portuguese expansion. Married his bastard son D. Afonso, future Duke of Bragança, the daughter of Nuno Alvares Pereira. He’s formed an alliance with your son  in the administration of the kingdom.. Already old, made big donations to religious institutions. Beloved by the people, became known as the king of 'Good Memory'

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